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My name is Mona (aka ghostpuff) and I am an illustrator with a passion for all things quaint, cute and whimsical. I love to dabble in mixed media, traditional crafts and occasionally - digital illustration.  

I am native to Bulgaria but have found myself venturing in the Netherlands, where the wind and bikes are abundant.

As a wee child, I dreamed of working in a stationery store, where I could try all the new pencils upon arrival and be surrounded by notebooks with colorful covers. I am happy to say that my dream came true and I think past, little me would be proud!   

I graduated with a bachelors in Graphic Design and discovered a pull towards book illustration in my last two semesters. Since 2016, I have been pursuing illustrative work and anything associated with creating cheeky characters.  

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If you have a story full of whimsy and you are looking for pictures, I would love to hear about it! Please send me an email with the form below and I will get to you soon.

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