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When will the shop open? 

The shop will be live once again on the 31st of March! I plan to close it one the 14th of April and restock and resume at the beginning of May :))

I placed an order on Xday, when will you ship it? 

It takes me from 1-6 business days to pack your order and ship out a bundle! This is due to the fact that I often need to have a bundle of at least 15 orders to handle the shipping costs and make shipping more affordable! 

When will I get my order after you ship it?

It widely depends on where you are in the world but to break down how long it takes for your letter/package to get to you please check below:

  • 1-6 business days - packing and shipping out your order in a bundle

  • 2-3 business days - bundle arrives at the middle man company sorting center

  • 1-3 business days - they ship out the orders to Frankfurt (DE) for international re-distribution

  • 5-30 business days - your order travels to your country, your international distribution center and then makes it’s way locally to your town

Dutch orders will be shipped with local PostNL and thus will arrive quicker!

The postal service is usually quick to deliver the package to its country of destination, however after that, the package might remain in customs until it's cleared! This is the reason why some delivery times might be quicker or slower. These are the times I estimated it takes to get your goods:

NL: 2 to 5 work days
Europe: 1-2 weeks
United States and Canada: 3-4 weeks
Australia, South America, Asia: 3-7 weeks

Why does it take so long?

Due to current happenings in the world, flights get canceled, sorting centers get overwhelmed and border patrol holds packages for longer, more thorough checking. Often, a lot of mail makes it’s way overseas by a longer boat ride. In addition, delivery and sorting workers are less, and especially around the festive season (or when people cannot deliver gifts to their loved ones in person) gifts and other purchases are heavily overflowing in an already short staffed area. 

I don’t have a tracking number? 

Unique items, original artwork and some orders above 35eu, receive a tracking number automatically. Due to how expensive international tracking is, I do not enforce it upon the buyer for small items. You are free to purchase a tracking upgrade during checkout to keep an eye on your order! US orders will get a tracking number shipping option only, since I want to be able to insure every order that flies over the big pond and arrives safely!


My tracking number does not work? 

I update your tracking number as soon as I pack and register it in my shipping portal, however the number will only become active once it gets processed through the middle man sorting company (the first scan). I use for tracking my personal orders as it can gather information for almost all countries and give much more detail!

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