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⚘ Their mom's dressed them up ⚘


If I could pick one thing to draw for the rest of my life, it would be children and animals in cute clothes. There is just something about kids being asked to pose with their clothes and they either are super adorable and happy about them or are stiff and don't know what to do and I find that adorable! 


These prints are made on 300gsm, cream white recycled paper. To ensure the protection of the print, I neatly pack each one in a cellophane sleeve that you can throw in your plastics bin, or better yet - reuse it! I will pack it in a sturdy, flat, corrugated mailer. Every print comes with a little signature by yours truly! 

The print measures 21cm x 29.7cm which is the standard A4 size.


While I always try my best to get the best natural lighting for my photos, please note that differences in monitor screens and lighting may lead to slight variations in colour.


New Clothes - A4 Art Print

12,00 €Price
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